Her mother’s determined mission to help her daughter achieve a college degree led Ronni to the Jones Learning Center at the University of the Ozarks. After some initial growing pains, Ronni embraced the Jones Learning Center experience and, by utilizing helpful resources and working hard, began to focus on a future that was suddenly attainable. Today, Ronni enjoys a rewarding career as a teacher.

She Thought Beyond What Was Possible

Throughout her scholastic career, and especially in high school, Ronni found the learning process to be an uncomfortable and unproductive challenge.
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The most comprehensive program
for students with learning disabilities.

"Ronni's building a future she never thought possible!"

Debbie, Ronni's mom
The Jones Learning Center’s one-of-a-kind model provides personalized, one-to-one guidance and resources to students with learning disabilities, AD/HD, and ASD, while also helping to build and instill life-long qualities of self-reliance and personal responsibility. As our students and their parents will attest, participation in the Jones Learning Center program is literally a life-changing experience.

Where Possibilities Become Reality

Ronni has exceeded her own expectations and is just one example of how the Jones Learning Center helps students build bright futures.
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Learning. For Life.

Jones Learning Center students thrive in an environment of personalized attention, compassion, and accountability that helps them to learn skills and develop confidence. Nestled at the foot of the Ozark Mountains, the Jones Learning Center at the University of the Ozarks offers students opportunities to participate and excel in a traditional college environment.

A fully-accredited undergraduate institution, the University of the Ozarks was founded in 1834 and features a 30-acre campus in the picturesque community of Clarksville, Arkansas. Within this tranquil and inspirational environment, Jones Learning Center students receive much more than a bachelor’s degree. They learn for life.

of our graduates would recommend the Jones Learning Center to others with similar backgrounds.